More from the Patriotic Nigras

added 2007-05-26: Huge Boat

Here we have a giant boat griefed with Spengbabs and a giant seizure-inducing megaprim.

Feces Spewing Monstrosity

Another lulz-generating device, a giant rear end with feces under it spewing a brown spray and fart noises. (It’s also “anatomically correct”.) In the video, it is being used to disrupt a couple of concerts.

Operation Tacgnol Storm

A major attack by the Nigras, and plenty of drama in the comments section of the video.


The “EYE RAEP SHOTGUN” is a cage gun that spawns cages with the eBaum’s World logo on the outside and disgusting pictures on the inside.


This video shows the Gay Yiffy Club getting griefed by a stealthed Nigra, with chat spam and Cosby particles.


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