lol @ (cr)Apple

Thanks to a Goatse gaping hole in (cr)Apple’s QuickTime, you can get pwned just by visiting any retard‘s land. Phoenix’s advice? Turn off media streaming, except in places you trust. My advice? Replace that crap with VLC (last year I said it wouldn’t be possible, but with the open source client, now it is).

(and if anyone gets any ideas, enjoy your b& and v&)


1 Response to “lol @ (cr)Apple”

  1. 1 another Mac user
    2007-12-01 at 3:58 pm

    Ha ha ha! That’s really funny! You put a ‘cr’ in front of ‘apple’ to make the word ‘crapple’ which sounds a bit like ‘crap’, if you take the ‘ple’ off the end!

    Let me prostrate myself at the feet of the worlds greatest living comedian!

    My advice to mac users? Carry on using a Mac, don’t do anything, because nobody will take advantage of this temporary anomaly in Quicktime.

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