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Google Suggest Gets with the Times

Now if you go to Google Suggest and put “y” in the search box, “youtube” comes up as the second suggestion. Paris Hilton is no longer the top of “p” (now next to last), and Firefox is now number two for “f”, behind “facebook”.

Of course, they’ve still blocked all the fun terms, including “black” (as in Blackberry). 🙄


Google Suggest = Nerfed

Google Suggest censors a lot more than it did a week ago, and because of this, it has gone from interesting to downright lame as a way to see what everyone’s looking for. It doesn’t come up with any suggestions for “black” anymore!

What they need to do is figure out how to hook it into the SafeSearch feature so that if you turn SafeSearch off, you get all the suggestions. Plus the suggestion database needs an update; I’m sure they didn’t censor “youtube”.


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