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Lindens drop Panther support? That’s unpossible!

Amazingly, some people still use OS X 10.3, and a couple are whining because of last Thursday’s announcement. I don’t know why they expect Panther support when pretty much every piece of software for OS X released in the last couple years or so requires 10.4, if not 10.5. Not to mention the fact that Panther users make up a quarter of a percent of logins.
At least Windows 2000 is still supported 😉


lol @ (cr)Apple

Thanks to a Goatse gaping hole in (cr)Apple’s QuickTime, you can get pwned just by visiting any retard‘s land. Phoenix’s advice? Turn off media streaming, except in places you trust. My advice? Replace that crap with VLC (last year I said it wouldn’t be possible, but with the open source client, now it is).

(and if anyone gets any ideas, enjoy your b& and v&)


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