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Avatar Rendering Costs

With the recent release of the 1.20 release candidate, a new UI look is headed our way, plus support for 3D controllers and scripted glow. But these features pale in comparison to a new and somewhat controversial feature: avatar rendering costs.

If you select Rendering → Info Displays → Avatar Rendering Cost from the Advanced menu in your client (press Ctrl+Alt+D to show the Advanced menu if necessary), numbers will appear over each avatar. These are their rendering costs, which can go from 1 to about 10,000 or 20,000. The lower scores appear green, moderate scores (about 1,000) are yellow, and anything over about 2,000 is red.

I spent a little time experimenting with attachments, and found out some of what makes ARC’s go through the roof (and surprisingly, things that have little or no effect on them).

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